Makari Baby Cleansing Milk 1000 ml - YLKgood
Makari Baby Cleansing Milk 1000 ml - YLKgood
Makari Baby Cleansing Milk 1000 ml - YLKgood
Makari Baby Cleansing Milk 1000 ml - YLKgood

Makari Baby Cleansing Milk 1000 ml

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Even little ones deserve a daily dose of luxury.

For years, women of color have sought high-end skin care products that are designed solely for their family's unique concerns. Finally, with the Makari baby collection, pint-sized princes and princesses can enjoy sensationally calming comfort during their regular bath time routine. Formulated specifically for delicate skin types, our Cleansing Milk is moisturizing sweet almond oil and other gentle botanicals known to be irritating and healing. Pump a few drops of the hydrating formula into your wet hand, and massage into baby's skin, carefully avoiding the eye area. The nourishing soap cleanses dirt and impurities while restoring dry, cracked, diapered skin to its naturally soft and youthful appearance. Best of all, the lotion's long-lasting moisture will linger on your body until the next time. For a tear-free treatment that is silky smooth and safe for sensitivity, look no further - add another bottle of Makari Baby to your cart!

  • GENTLE HYDRATION - Luxuriously lightweight formula gently relieves baby dry, cracked skin for soothing bath time pleasure
  • STRONG CLEANSING - Body Milk Wash away dirt, germs and impurities while maintaining the natural, healthy oils of young skin
  • DARLESS PROTECTION - Mild Lather will not irritate sensitive skin or eyes; Use daily all over your face & body for long lasting hydration
  • SOFT GENTLE AND HEALING - Repairing soap eases inflammation & nutrients dryness; Safe for African-American & sensitive skin types
  • EXCLUSIVELY NATURAL ELEMENTS - Bleach, chemical & cruelty-free formula contains gentle ingredients from the earth and the sea

What you get

  • 1 x 33,8 fl.oz bottle of Makari Baby Cleansing Milk
  • A safe, gentle formula for baby's sensitive skin
  • Strong moisture that softens and heals
  • A luxury soap especially for various children!

Specifications & details

  • 33.8 fluid ounces [1000ml]
  • No chemicals or bleach
  • Degreesamkeit frei
  • Gentle enough for everyday use

How you enjoy it

  • Pump a few drops of milk into wet hands
  • Lather well and massage into baby's skin
  • Use as a day cleanser to avoid the eye area
  • See the little one's skin soft, smooth, and supple
  • Wash off irritation and dryness quickly

Water (aqua), mineral oil (Paraffinum Liquidum), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (sweet almond) oil, propylene glycol, sodium acrylate copolymer, cetearyl alcohol, steareth-2, steareth-20, calendula officinalis extract, fragrance (perfume), DMDM ​​hydantoin, disodium EDTA, Iodopropynyl butyl carbamate