What can be done against pigment spots?

Many of us find pigment spots unsightly and cosmetically annoying, even if they are normally harmless to our health. The brownish, reddish or ocher colored marks on the skin represent the excessive formation of the skin pigment melanin, for example as a result of strong sunlight. Accordingly, areas that are exposed to light are particularly affected (e.g. face). However, genetic predispositions and female hormones also play a role in melanin formation.
The aversion to the occasional dark coloring on the skin developed into a questionable ideal that millions of African women indulge in. The goal is to lighten the dark skin by any means and to achieve a lighter skin tone.

The only affordable products, however, often have serious health consequences and are essentially poison for beauty. As long as the result is correct, consumers mostly ignore all side effects. For example, the use of cheap creams against pigmentation spots can lead to a burning rash and significantly increase sensitivity to light, so that even a short walk in the fresh air would cause the skin to burn. According to the WHO, more than half of African women use such harmful products regularly. This regardless of the fact that the highly toxic ingredients such as mercury, hydroquinone and steroids can cause hyperpigmentation and in the worst case even lead to skin cancer.
Many users of these cheap bleaches today have to struggle with the consequences of hyperpigmentation. If you try to counteract an uneven complexion, you can quickly destroy your complexion by using the wrong products. This ideal of beauty of lighter skin is largely to blame for the social shunts and magazines in which celebrities advocate artificial skin lightening, so that African women lose their inhibitions and ignore all warnings. Since the creams with the toxic ingredients are poison for our beauty, it is important to search the cosmetics market for gentler products in this regard, with the aim of protecting your skin long-term.

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