Makari - the story

Makari ("Schön in Swahili") was founded in 1995 by Dr. Jacques François founded. Driven by his passion for skin care, Dr. François Makari with the aim of developing luxury beauty products for women of color.

Dr. François teamed up with the renowned Belgian chemist Gérard Pinault and launched the highly innovative Makari De Suisse product line, which was specially developed for the needs of colored skin.

At that time, many women of color resorted to harmful chemical products to treat skin problems such as discoloration. They were looking for gentle, high quality products to meet their skin needs and Makari created the answer.

For over 20 years, Makari De Suisse has offered luxurious skin care products that address the skin needs of women around the world. From hyperpigmentation, excessive oil production, hydration and anti-aging, Makari's revolutionary products help improve overall skin health and prevent future damage.

Makari products are carefully formulated in Swiss laboratories, which are among the highest quality skin care laboratories in the world. The Makari team of chemists formulated and patented the "Organiclarine" there. Thanks to their plant-based regenerative power, the organic, highly effective lightening formulas effectively fade dark spots, even out the skin tone and at the same time minimize the signs of aging. Organiclarine is obtained from the roots of the white mulberry tree. The white mulberry tree grows in many parts of the world, but is found mainly in Asia and Europe.

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